Does Hamas use human shields?

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The argument is used to defend the idea that the civilian causalities in Israels aggression stems from the fact that Hamas is positioned within civilian population. Whilst this may be true due to the dense population of Gaza, it doesn’t serve as a defence and here is why:

  1. A shield is meant to protect or deflect an incoming attack. Civilians have never deterred Israel from attacking and dropping bombs on buildings.
  2. The evidence provided by Israel has mostly been dubious and proven to be a lie later on that indeed the civilian position contains any Hamas members.
  3. Even if Hamas members or any terrorist organisation member is hiding in a civilian building it may constitute a war crime to bomb the building.

Israel has not spared any building, whether it be a hospital, an ambulance a school, mosque or church everything has been bombed by them. The Israeli army has shown zero morality towards Palestinians and have repeatedly called for their genocide and called them animals as a whole population. This clearly shows their approach towards targeting civilians as standard practice.

Consider the scenario, if a school to which your children go is occupied by a group of terrorists – would you call for it to be bombed or it to be surgically dealt with?