Do Jews not deserve a homeland?

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Ofcourse, take all the land that you want. Preferably buy it? What Israel has done though:

  • Conflated the Jews with Zionists for the world. This includes people that are not Jews and given them properties belonging to Palestinians, unlawfully evicting the Palestinians.
  • Displaced millions of Palestinians from their homeland (ethnic cleansing).
  • Annexed land slowly, allowing settlers to rampage around with lethal weapons (Creeping annexation).

If Israel wanted, with the money it has received in aid from the US and created its country with – it could have offered to buy the land like civilised humans but instead they have forced people out of their homes and given it to others.

On top of this, the mandate that granted the Jews the land of Palestine was granted in Europe by the UK during its empire (before the second world war, 1917 – the balfour declaration). This was to resolve Europe’s “Jewish problem” as they called it at the time. At this time, the land had people living there of all faiths without any problems.