Questions about Palestine or Israel?

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At least 34,000 killed in Gaza, more than 25,000 woman and children! 1,200 in Israel. End the OCCUPATION!

  • Does Hamas use human shields?

    The argument is used to defend the idea that the civilian causalities in Israels aggression stems from the fact that Hamas is positioned within civilian population. Whilst this may be true due to the dense population of Gaza, it doesn’t serve as a defence and here is why: Israel has not spared any building, whether…

  • What is the casualty count according to the official sources?

    According to official UN statistics, take a look at the image below. The latest statistics have not been included yet which exceeds well over 10,000 murders from Israeli bombing. The first casualty of war is ‘Truth’ and in this case ‘Morality’.

  • Which news is credible?

    Hard to say. Western media has been biased towards Israel – partly due to the guilt carried due to the holocaust. At best, a person who relies on mainstream media is misinformed if not completely wrong. Your best bet is to observe 1st hand evidence and direct footage. Social media apps such as Tiktok /…

  • Boycott what? Where to start?

    Its hard to navigate this part of the protest, but it’s where most of us start. Use the following to organise you protest.

  • Who are the colonial powers in the world today?

    A quick look at the wars going on today will land you with the following countries: There may be others, but these are the largest contributors – which are still colonising in: In addition, France still collects taxes from its previous colonies (up to 85% of the country income).

  • Was there ever a land called Palestine?

    This is a defence to the question of “Israel occupying Palestinian land” usually – that there was no piece of land called Palestine. Here is the letter that granted the Jews Palestine by the UK.

  • Israel has a right to self defence! What does international law state?

    Israel and the western media has parroted this line since day 1, but the question is – is it true? Why hasn’t this been questioned? Israel has invoked Article 51 of the UN charter, the outcome of which is this: Whether Israel has an Article 51 right to self-defence is a complicated question that does…

  • Why is Israel being called an ‘Apartheid’? What does Apartheid mean?

    Apartheid is a policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race. So what has Israel done to deserve this label? Human rights organisation around the globe have termed Israel’s policies practicing apartheid. Organisations such as Amnesty International are among the list. Amnesty International’s new investigation shows that Israel imposes a system of oppression and…

  • What do all these terms mean?

    The first frontier of this battle is to do with words. Avoid getting caught out by using the right language. This comes from Palestinians who are on the front line. Don’t Do Why? Israeli Citizen Colonial settler Israel asks foreigners to come and settle in Israel all expenses paid on the occupied land. This gives…