What do all these terms mean?

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The first frontier of this battle is to do with words. Avoid getting caught out by using the right language. This comes from Palestinians who are on the front line.

Israeli CitizenColonial settlerIsrael asks foreigners to come and settle in Israel all expenses paid on the occupied land. This gives Israel the excuse to ethnically cleanse the land and provide it to these settlers.
Open air prison (Gaza)Concentration campA prison implies a crime to be have been committed. The only crime for Palestinians is that they were born there.
Hate all jewsThis isn’t about JewsThe word “anti-semitism” gets thrown around a lot and this has been Israel’s biggest achievement so far, to blur the lines between Zionism and Judaism. Judaism is a religion and believers of this religion are called Jews. Zionism is a political ideology and calls for the creation of an independent Jewish state. Read more here.
Hamas is a terrorist organisationYes, as much as Nelson Mandela’s ANC.The action taken by Hamas can be categorised as terrorism, however Israel’s actions since its inception (1948) has all been acts of terror. Its inception saw 750,000 Palestinians ethnically cleansed from their homeland known as the “Nakba”.






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