What claims have been debunked (Palestine-Israel conflict) so far?

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On October the 7th, 2023 – Hamas the governing body of Gaza carried out an attack on Israel. The aftermath and claims of this attack were as follows:

40 babies beheaded– Western media repeating.
– President Joe Biden stating he has seen the pictures and evidence.
YesThe statement was retracted when counter evidence was surfaced that no credible evidence exists of this act nor families of so called 40 babies.
1400 civilian casualtiesNoneYes– The list of casualties was released after 3 weeks, which showed more than 50% of casualties were Israeli soldiers.
– Testimonies of survivors confirmed that Israel killed its own civilians due to the ‘Hannibal directive’.
– The list was revised in the 6th week to say 1200 had been killed.
Woman rapedNoneYesNo tangible evidence could be gathered of this act in a place which is constantly monitored and recorded on cameras.
Baby burned in ovenA picture of a charred baby.YesThis was in fact a Palestinian baby.
Human shieldsAn image of a building outlined in red whilst an Israeli army narrates over it.YesRead more here.
Hospitals/schools/refugee camps used as terror bases– A video of a hospital has been circulating where an Israeli army spokes person shows us a Hamas tunnel, the house of a Hammas commander both besides a Hospital building.
– He also shows us a list in arabic which he claims to be a list of terrorists on guard duty.
Yes– The supposed tunnel is an elevator shaft used for hospitals. This is quite common around the world by design.
– The house of the commander odd enough is the only building spared by the bombs. Surely if they believed it to be true, it would be the first target?
– The arabic list presented to us as a terror guard duty list, is uncovered to be a calendar with the days repeating in arabic.

The entire premise of this war was based on the above which has been debunked. The western media spared no time in convincing everyone that this was all true meanwhile not representing any information from the Palestinian side. This was not about the attack Hamas carried out, but the land which Israel wants to occupy and ethnically cleans the Palestinians inline with its greater Israel objective.

Every accusation Israel has made, has been proven to be a confession of its own acts so far.